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Forum Rules

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1.No posting of personal information. This includes real names, addresses and personal social media accounts, pictures etc.
2. Be respectful to all members and moderators at all times. No abuse, name calling, racism, trolling, derogatory statements or insults..
3. Posting false or otherwise unverified information with the intent to either damage the reputation or otherwise of a service provider or agency or, to gain favor of a service provider or agency.
4. Multiple handles, except where specifically approved by administration, are not permitted.
5. No disclosing private communications. PMs may only be forwarded and disclosed to Moderators if they contain anything offensive or require the attention of Moderators.
6. The use of VPN's or Proxies are NOT allowed.
7. Shill accusations are not permitted. When a member suspects another member of shilling, he/she should contact one of the moderators and advise him/her of the situation.
8. Posts alleging BBFS, substance abuse or health issues will not be permitted.
9. Absolutely no discussion on provider rates or screening methods.
10. Questioning moderation in an open forum is not allowed. Send a PM to a MOD.
11. Threatening providers with negative reviews as a form of blackmail or offering positive reviews for discounts or favours is strictly forbidden.
12. Reviews deemed to be self-published (shills) will be removed and the account will be banned.
13. Stay on the thread topic. If your subject matter differs, start a new thread.
14. One negative review or comment per experience. Do not hijack other members’ reviews and post your negative experience repetitively.
15. Posting or enquiring about “extras” in massage parlours is forbidden.
16. Being rude, sarcastic or unwelcoming to new forum members will not be tolerated.
17. Bringing in drama from other review forums or platforms ie) Twitter is not permitted.

-We encourage civil, constructive, open adult conversation and debate where one can express their thoughts and opinions in a non hostile or threatening environment.
-When writing reviews please keep them informative, balanced, to the point and classy, not vindictive and hurtful. Remember, you are discussing a human being.
-Failure to comply with Forum rules will result in the offending post being deleted accompanied by anything from a warning, up to and including a permanent ban.
-These rules notwithstanding, we reserve the right to edit or delete any posts we believe are not in the best interests of the forum, its advertisers and/or its users.
-This is a private board and your participation is by invitation. Please remember that membership is a privilege, not a right.
-As a condition of membership, you agree to abide by the rules and by the moderators' decisions.


As a general principle, administration will not publicly discuss the reasons behind their decisions to discipline a user. That is a matter between the moderators and that user only.